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Config Color Scheme

exVim's colorscheme consist three parts: your Vim colorscheme, exVim plugins' highlights and plugin colorscheme configuration. To customise your colorscheme in exVim, you must follow the steps below:

Install your colorscheme

There is three place to install your colorscheme in exVim:

Method 1. Install in ex-colorscheme (Recommended)

It is recommended to install your colorscheme files in ex-colorscheme plugins. Just put your colorscheme files under vimfiles/bundle/ex-colorschemes/colors/. Make sure you have installed ex-colorschemes plugins in your .vimrc.plugins.

Method 2. Install in Vim's colors folder

If you don't like to install ex-colorschemes, you can install your colorscheme as ordinary vim-plugins. Just put the file in vimfiles/colors/ folder.

Method 3. Install as vim-plugin bundle

The method 2 didn't follow the structure of Vim's plugin managers' rules. We've used Vundle or Pathogen so far, they also can help us manage our colors.

Create your own plugin like ex-colorschemes, put your colorscheme script in it and upload it to Github. Put your Vundle script in .vimrc.plugins.local.

Config exVim plugins' highlightings

exVim use ex-aftercolor to config plugins' highlightings after colorscheme changed. ex-aftercolor will trigger
color script in after/ folder in the runtime path. More details, check ex-aftercolor repo.

exVim puts its customization script in vimfiles/bundle/ex-config/after/colors/. By default it supports solarized and exlightgray.

To customise with your own colorscheme, you must create a new file with the same name of your colorscheme in after/colors folder. There is three place you can put it:

  1. vimfiles/bundle/ex-config/after/colors/ (Recommended if you choose Method 1 in last section)
  2. vimfiles/bundle/ex-colorschemes/after/colors/ (Recommended if you choose Method 1 in last section)
  3. vimfiles/after/colors/ (Recommended if you choose Method 2 in last section)
  4. your_own_color_bundle/after/colors/ (Recommended if you choose Method 3 in last section)

Once you choose the place and create the file, take vimfiles/bundle/ex-config/after/colors/solarized.vim or vimfiles/bundle/ex-config/after/colors/exlightgray.vim as example to config your plugins' highlightings.

Here is a list of highlightings you can config in your aftercolor script:

Name Usage or reference
exConfirmLine Color of selected line in ex-gsearch, ex-symbol, ... window
exTargetLine Color of selected line in edit window
ex-showmakrs Highlighting Check :help showmarks-highlighting
ex-easyhl Highlighting Check :help easyhl-highlighting
ex-project Highlighting Check :help exproject-highlighting
ex-gsearch Highlighting Check :help exgsearch-highlighting
ex-symbol Highlighting Check :help exsymbol-highlighting