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Name Version Download
exVim Main v0.5.0 zip, tar.gz
exVim Full v0.5.0 zip, tar.gz
exVim Windows installer v0.5.0 installer


The exVim Main package is the stable version of exvim/main project in Github. Use it if you wish to install through Vundle or Pathgeon.

The exVim Full package includes all the plugins pre-installed in exVim. It is a green package, use this if you wish to try or preview exVim and don't want it replace your original Vim.

The exVim Windows installer includes the full package of exVim plus GnuWin32 tools used in exVim. This helps Windows user easily install everything and can getting start quickly.

Check our changelog.
More details, read the Install documentation.


Name Download Official Page
gVim 7.4 zip
cTags 5.8 zip
cscope 15.7a zip
sed 4.2.1 zip
gawk 3.1.6 zip
id-utils 4.0.2 zip
graphviz download-page

You also need to install and setup Git to make exVim working correctly. More details about Git setup, read Vundle for Windows


Name Download Install Command
MacVim 7.4 tbz brew install macvim --with-cscope --with-lua --HEAD
cTags - brew install ctags
cscope - brew install cscope
gawk - brew install gawk
id-utils - brew install idutils
sed - Already installed in Mac
graphviz - brew install graphviz

brew is the Homebrew install command, more details about Homebrew.

Powerline Fonts

Name Download
DejaVu Sans Mono zip

You can also select other powerline-font in here

If you think non of the fonts satisfy you, you can patch your favorite font by fontpatching

OSX Terminal Colors Solarized

Name Download
OSX Terminal Colors Solarized zip

This is my customized solarized color for osx terminal