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Config .exvim

exVim use ex-vimentry plugin to create and setup a project. The ex-vimentry will parse the files with suffix of .exvim, and apply the settings with your hooked scripts.

Syntax of .exvim file

Read ex-vimentry syntax.

Default Options

folder_filter_mode (option)


folder_filter_mode tell exVim which filter mode should be used for folder_filter.

folder_filter (array)

folder_filter accept folder names as value. The folder_filter will be used to filter the folder names matches it. It will use the filter rule setted define in folder_filter_mode.


When you set the filter as:

folder_filter_mode = include
folder_filter += foo,bar

Only folders named foo or bar shows in your ex-project browser.

When you set the filter as:

folder_filter_mode = exclude
folder_filter += foo,bar

The folders named as foo or bar will not shoed in ex-project browser.

This option also affects the following plugins:

file_filter (array)

file_filter accepts suffix of the file you expect to browse and process in exVim project.


file_filter += c,cpp

The filter above makes exVim accepts *.c, *.cpp files.

file_filter also accetps empty suffix by named it __EMPTY__, for example:

file_filter += __EMPTY__,c,cpp

The filter above also accepts files that doesn't have suffix, such as: LICENSE, README, Makefile, ...

This option affects the following plugins:

By default, if this option is empty, the id-utils will use in tools/idutils/ for creating ID. When this option setted, ex-config will create under your .exvim.project/ folder, and idutils will use it instead of

file_ignore_pattern (array)

file_ignore_pattern accepts filename patterns which will be ignored in exVim project.


file_ignore_pattern += useless.txt,*.min.js,_OLD_*.cpp

Which will make useless.txt, all files end with .min.js and all cpp files start from _OLD_ be ignored.

Note the only wildcard character you can use is *.

enable_restore_bufs (bool)

When enable, exvim will store all opened buffers in the file .exvim.your.project/restore_info. When the next time you open this exvim project, it will restore the last time buffers from the file.

Post Init

When exVim finish parsed the .exvim file, it will invoke g:exvim_post_init() function if it exists. You can define this function in you .vimrc file and customize your settings in it.

Here is a reference to guide you use ex-vimentry functions in your script.

Multiple .exvim files

You can have multiple .exvim files in one project. This allow you to apply different settings for different purpose.