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Config .vimrc

exVim provide 4 different .vimrc files for users: .vimrc, .vimrc.plugins, .vimrc.plugins.local and .vimrc.local.

The first loaded file is .vimrc, we all familiar with it. Before .vimrc config your Vim, it will check if there is .vimrc.plugins in the same folder, and execute it. This is the default settings for exVim plugins. After .vimrc.plugins processed, the .vimrc.plugins.local will be loaded if it exists. After that, .vimrc start its settings, and at the end, it will check and load .vimrc.local.


The structure of .vimrc in exVim can be divided into the following parts:


This is the file for exVim config its default plugins.


This is where you can put your customise settings for plugins, and install the new plugins. People may have questions such as:

Basically, the .vimrc.plugins.local is here to prevent overwrite of .vimrc.plugins. In
this way, you can keep the git changes and write your customization without worrying git updates.

Since we use Vundle by default, it require plugin manage scripts write in the filetype off and on block, that's why we have .vimrc.plugins.local and .vimrc.local together. The first one make sure our plugin code in the filetype off and on block.


There is a lot of things you can do in .vimrc.local, here are some frequency asks:

Customise your guifont:

au! ex_gui_font " remove old set guifont event
set guifont=Consolas:h8:cANSI " set your font

Customise your vim-airline theme:

au VimEnter * exec 'AirlineTheme your_theme'

Close vim-airline:

au VimEnter * exec 'AirlineToggle' " close vim-airline plugin