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exVim is a project to turn Vim into a nice programming environment. exVim introduce the project file concept (.exvim) in Vim. By editing this project file (.exvim) through Vim, the exVim plugins will be invoked. In this way, it makes you possible to apply different Vim settings, plugin settings and even loading plugins on demand by different projects. In general, it makes Vim become the best IDE in the world!



How does it work?

Edit and saved your project settings in your_project_name.exvim, open it with Vim. In this way exVim will parse the the file and apply settings to your project after Vim started.

The settings include:

exVim also make sure project files stores in one place ( in the folder ./.exvim.your_project_name/ under your project ). This makes your project clean and much better work with external tools. These project files can be:

After exVim started, type :Update command, exVim will helps you update project files.

How does it integrate Vim-plugins?

exVim aims to implement as much as possible of the functions and features in pure Vim language. We try to avoid reinvent the wheel. As a result, we carefully select and integrate popular Vim-plugins in the Vim community. But the exists Vim plugins can't fulfill our needs. For those features lack of and for those features we think we can do it better, we develop by ourself in put them in the exVim organization on GitHub.

Here is the standards we pick, patches and develop for a vim-plugin:

Read the Plugins to get the details of the plugins in exVim.