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Select Your Plugin

The Vim has dozens of plugins and make it really hard for new users to choose one. This article shows you the way I used to search vim plugins.

Where to get Vim plugins

I would like to separte vim-plugins in two parts. plugins in vim-scripts and plugins in Github.

Most plugins in vim-script have many years history and not so active in bug fixes. They are stop maintaining some how but still provide good functions in Vim.

Plugins in Github are follow the trend and can be the new generation plugins for Vim.

Articles in introducing Vim plugins

There are some articles or projects list you popular Vim-Plugins.

the-15-best-vim-plugins is a good post to show you some popular old plugins in vim-scripts. As I said above, these plugins are good but gets old and not quite active.

spf13-vim is a wonderful project, in its README, it introduce you the plugins it used in its configuration. Those plugins are really good and active in the Vim community and Github.

vim-airline is another great vim-plugin, what even better is, in its README, it shows you the plugin it support. And those plugins are not bad in general.

maximum-awesome is another spf13-vim like project, and also list the plugins for you.

[[Plugins used in exVim|Plugins]] is my post to introduce you plugins both in vim-script and github that I used in exVim.

The way I choose Vim Plugins

I recommend you search Vim plugin directly in Github. Just type "vim" in Github search bar, and sort the result by most star. Here it is.

When I choose a Vim plugin, I always look at its latest update time, and check if it managed on Github. I also check if it can be installed by Vundle or Pathogen, and if it provides doc for quick help. In the end, I will check if this plugin is pure Vim script.