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View Class Hierarchies

exVim allow user generate the hierarchies pictures for specific class. This is done by ex-hierarchy plugin.

The exVim generate an inherits file when you run :Update command. This file will
extract the inherit information from your ctags generates. It records the inherit relationship of the classes in your proejct.

The ex-hierarchy plugin will parse the inherit file when you input a class. It then generate a graphviz-dot file and use graphviz draw a .png picture. At the end you have the picture for the hierarchies of the specific class.

Currently, ex-hierarchy supports c++, java, python and so on.

Here is an example of the exPlane class in ex2D:


Show Class Hierarchies

ex-hierarchy has three commands to print and show class hierarchy.

  1. :HV <class>: will show the parents and childrent of <class>.
  2. :HVP <class>: will show only the parents of <class>.
  3. :HVC <class>: will show only the childrent of <class>.

Let's take the picture above as example. The picture is generated by :HV exPlane command. When we use :HVP exPlane instead, the result is:


And :HVC exPlane result in:


You also can use <leader>hv key mappings to run :HV command generated the current word's hierarchies.

NOTE: The generated picture is stored in .exvim.your-project/hv.png, exVim will try to open it by your default picture viewer.